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Owner and CEO Natasha Ajeti explains our care philosophy

Our promise to you

Our patient care philosophy rests with our team members. We believe when we take better care of our employees, they will take better care of you. That means they are given all the time they need to provide your care. They receive comprehensive training and will work to develop a customized plan tailored to your needs.

Affordable solutions

Affordable solutions

We know how expensive private care can be. We do everything we can to make our services as affordable as possible. How? Quite frankly, it’s because we have taken greed out of the equation. Kolofon Health was founded by a nurse with 14 years in patient care and staffing management. Our #1 goal is outstanding patient care, not making corporate owners rich.

Longterm Relationships

We will be with you for the duration. Our caregivers are trained to treat you as they would want to be treated. Some care providers think nothing of swapping out your caregiver with someone you have to start over with. At Kolofon Health, we do all we can to make sure you have a single caregiver who becomes intimately familiar with your wants and needs.

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